News : Supanova Brisbane this weekend!

Just a heads up for anyone living in Brisbane, Australia. The Supanova Pop-Culture convention is on this coming weekend, 4-5th of April at the RNA showgrounds. Ticket price is $25 dollars for a day. Lots of big comic and manga stores will be there, as well as distributors like Madman. Usually selling a huge variety of manga at a very low price. Last year Madman was selling their titles at $10AUS each and some of the other comic stores were doing a 'buy two, get one free' deal. So it's worth the money at the door to get in, even if you're only going shopping and not attending any of the events.

As far as events go, the writer of Invader Zim will be there and Madman are steaming an english subtitled premier of the new Full Metal Alchemist series on Sunday night, there's also cos-play competitions if you're into that sort of thing.

Update - You can now watch the first few episodes of the new Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood series in Madman's online Screening Room for free (with english subtitles) here.

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