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News : Front Mission Imminent.

Square Enix have turned their turn based mech strategy game into an action game, in the newest title in the franchise, Front Mission Evolved. Most of the strategy games were never given PAL releases, so this is perhaps SE attempting to launch another popular franchise in the west. I have to say, I liked even the old games, which were akin to Advance Wars, but this trailer looks brilliant, look at all that power sliding! I've been waiting for a decent, fast mech game ever since I hopped into the special VS in the original Lost Planet. Lets just hope they keep the difficulty and learning curve down to a particular level so it doesn't become like Armoured Core.


News : Japan anime schedule Q3 2010.

So the first announcements of next seasons anime schedule are in. Sadly, once again, weird lolicon and harem anime seem to be taking the frontseat, with 2nd seasons of Strike Witches and Sekirei, proving that, that kind of crap sells. Some interesting new titles like the popular manga High School of the Dead and one that has a main character who looks like Inuyasha, Nurarihyon no Mago. There's also a 2nd series of Sengoku Basara, the historical superhero samurai anime, which for some reason is very popular with the female audience.
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