News : Wolverine and Ironman make the jump to anime also.

Remember the Wolverine manga from a while ago? Looks like making an anime of popular IPs is the new cool thing to do, with the earlier announcements of the Halo short animated films and now anime versions of Wolverine and Ironman.

I have to say, whilst the animation is certainly awesome, the character design of Wolverine is questionable and why is he fighting Japanese transformer bats?

As for the Ironman one, I like how it has a very retro sci-fi anime look about it. I don't know a whole lot about Ironman, but it seems hes fighting Captain Harlock from the famous old anime, maybe the character design was based on him, who knows.

Anyway, will be interesting to see how the more western marvel/DC comic fans feel about these anime adaptions.

News : Halo anime on the way!

It was bound to happen someday and it looks like Microsoft have chosen the Animatrix/Dark Knight way of doing things, going with short episodic content from a number of different studios. Amongst them you will see Toei, production I.G and even Bones. Could be very interesting to see how things turn out, anyway here's a few pictures. (How cool does Bones' gundam spartan suit look?!)

News : Noodle cup now with Gundam toy

Yep, now when you're buying two minute noodles on your next stay in Japan, keep an eye out for the ones with a mini Gundam toy under the lid. Can't say the package seems very appetizing, but hey, neither were Happy Meals from McDonald's and we all used to buy them for the toy too.Source

News : Manga coming to the PSP.

Sony have stated that they will make manga available through their online store for PSP users later this year. There are already third party programs out there that make downloaded manga a lot easier to read on the PSP than it's standard image viewer, but obviously this way would help the industry more. There's also some rumours about a soon to be released iPhone app offering the same sort of service, but obviously Sony would have better connections to the more popular manga titles, being a large sponsor of many anime series. Currently the PSP manga service has only been confirmed for the Japanese market, so who really knows if we'll end up getting it here, but we can hope, right?

Feature : Unboxing the Bleach box set.

If you recall this article from a few months ago, talking about the new box sets that companies seem to be releasing, you'll already know what this is. For those of you that have not, this is basically a box set, exactly like a dvd one, but instead of dvds, there's a bunch of manga.

The Bleach box set contains the first 21 volumes of the manga, basically encompassing the first major story arc and starting off on the next one. Anyway, I managed to get this one for cheap on Ebay a while ago ($190 AUS, whereas the RRP is $260) and thought some of you out there might be interested on what's inside and how it looks, so here are some pics.

The front.

The back.


All the books.

Double sided poster.

So called 'collectors booklet/travel guide'.

It's a pretty impressive little set, not so sure about the nessecity in having a box, but it may be a hit with some people. The small poster and tiny collectors booklet (which is really just an 8 page flyer for Bleach) were a bit of a let down, but at least you get all the books at a marginally cheaper price than if you bought them normally for $15 each.

Review : Elemental Gelade.

Robbing and pillaging are all in a days work for young air pirate Coud Van Giruet, but things start to get a little strange when one of his stolen valuables turns out to be a coffin with a live girl inside.

It's not long after the sleepy girl named Ren wakes up and demands to be taken to a place called Edel Garden, that Coud's pirate airship comes under attack by three mysterious characters. When negotiations fail, one of the attackers literally transforms into a weapon known as an Edel Raid and proceeds to directly attack Coud and Ren. With things seeming pretty bleak, Ren reveals she is also an Edel Raid and reluctantly makes a contract with Coud, turning into a huge sword that causes tornadoes when it's swung, unfortunately one of these tornadoes damages the airship and everyone is forced to evacuate.

Once on the ground, Ren and Coud decide to travel together to Edel Garden, with the three former assailants revealing that they are actually part of a Edel Raid protection agency and pretty much demanding that they also tag along. Togther the group get caught up in slave trafficking, attacked by bounty hunters and a come across a mysteriously sinister group of Edel Raids who call themselves the Chaos Choir.

The art of Elemental Gelade is pretty much follows the generic anime style, the character designs are interesting, obviously heavily influenced by the authors former works on a manga adaption of a role playing video game. Coud's main weapon is interestingly a hook, which is pretty unique in a genre where every main character usually has the biggest sword or gun. The manga also focuses on some very realistic issues like the trafficking of human beings. Violence is toned down to the shonen level, not a lot of gore or blood, but plenty of fighting, shooting and general action.

Elemental Gelade is a book that a fan of fantasy Japanese role playing games would love and even if you're not a fan, it's still a good read regardless.