Review : Speed Grapher.

Dodge the lens of the camera as best you can, not because your having a bad hair day or just feeling a tiny bit shy, but because anything caught by Saiga's cameras instantly explodes.

Saiga is a famous war photojournalist, reduced to the everyday job of a bottom feeding paparazi, that is until things take a turn for the worst. Following a trail of corruption and murder Saiga uncovers a bizarre ceremony being held by an elusive underground society. When his cover is blown, it seems like the end, until the object of the ceremony, a so called goddess, gives him his one true desire. To destroy the things he takes photos of.

With camera in tow, Saiga takes the goddess hostage and to his surprise she's just a simple school girl named Kagura, unaware of what shes been doing. Both wanting to get away from the sinister underground society, they make a break for it. But it's not so simple when there are others with powers just as strong as Saiga's after them.

The art is of a very high quality, mirroring the style of Takeshi Obata (the artist of Death Note) nearly exactly. It works very well with such serious manga, theres not really many comedic moments, it's fast paced pumping action from beginning to end. It is also very violent and contains pornographic imagery, so obviously better kept to the older audience.

Speed Grapher is a very interesting title, with a cool protagonist, a violent fast paced plot and amazing art. Can't really ask for much more than that.

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