Review : Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

In an ancient kingdom on a different world, a young princesses memories are forcibly taken from her by an unknown force and scattered across space and time to numerous worlds and dimensions.

Syaoran, a young archeologist, is desperate to save his beloved princess Sakura. In a bid to save her life he makes it through to another world to visit the space-time witch. She agrees to help, but only for a price. She gives him a rabbit like creature called Mokona, which has the ability to sense Sakura's memories as well as being able to randomly teleport to different worlds.

Now with a way open to him, Syaoran immediately embarks on an epic quest to retrieve Sakura's memories, which have taken the form of feathers on various worlds. Luckily for him, Syaoran is not alone on his long journey, he is joined by Kurogane a great warrior who wishes to return to his world and Fai a great mage who wants to do anything but return to his world.

Clamps character designs as per usual are top notch, setting a bar for other artists to aim for. Each frame is a work of art by itself. Drawn simply, but beautifully, which may be why Clamps titles are always so popular with girls. Fortunately Tsubasa is one of Clamps titles which contains enough interest and action to make it appeal to a male audience as well. Violence is all of a fantasy style, mainly involving magic, so it's relatively fine for audiences of all ages.

Tsubasa is a fine fantasy title and if anything like Clamps other titles will no doubt to be a long one. The selflessness of Syaoran really stands out amongst similar titles and will no doubt remain memorable. The ability to bring in different worlds and cultures will no doubt keep the series fresh for as long as it lasts.

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