Review : The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.

As soon as you open to the first page, you'll know this isn't a book for children. The opening page depicts a man who has hung himself from a tree, and judging by the decaying flesh and amount of flies, hes been there for quiet a while.

Enter the Kurosagi corpse delivery service! A group of five weirdo's from a local Buddhist university with some equally strange powers to match their equally weird personalities.
Kurosagi are more than happy to find and grant a persons dying wish. Including going along with the horrific consequences and events along the way.

How do they find a dead person? Luckily enough, one of them has the ability of corpse dowsing. How do they find out their dying wish? Well, luckily enough, another one of them can speak to the dead. There is also a mature woman who seems to be the brains of their little organization, a cute teenage girl who is a graduate embalmer and some weird kid with a puppet on his hand that has a mind of its own.

Just like any other manga the book is divided up into chapters. The first volume contains four chapters, each an individual story in it's own right. They are all very unique, as you would expect from such a peculiar novel. It's always nice to read refreshing stories, without overused cliche conflicts and plot devices.

The art is not exactly great, but it's not exactly terrible either. Kurosagi's art differs from your average manga style and a little bit on the rough side at times. Possibly as an attempt to separate it from the younger manga market. The novel depicts dead people, corpses, zombies, blood, guts, gore and some nudity, so it's best to keep this away from any young audiences.

If your an older reader and looking to get a slightly more seriously gruesome manga fix or enjoy urban myths then this is for you.

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