Bargain : Guild Wars sale on Steam.

Guild Wars is celebrating it's 5th birthday letting you pickup the Guild Wars trilogy for $19.95 USD on Steam at the moment. That's three games, Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall, each hours upon hours of online Diablo-like game play at a heavily discounted price.

Unlike World of Warcraft and other MMO's, Guild Wars is a lot more skill and story based, you reach the level cap in under 10 hours and then spend the rest of your time progressing through the rich story whilst collecting more of the hundreds of class skills scattered across the entire three games. It's a blast and I recommend picking it up to anyone, even if you're playing another MMO, as Guild Wars doesn't require any kind of payment to play.

If you played the original Guild Wars before (I hear this a lot) and didn't really like it, I beg you to try Factions or Nightfall, they're separate games with separate stories and they're both just so much better than the original title.

Link to Guild Wars : Trilogy on the Steam store.

News : First look at The Last Story.

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, founder of company Mystwalker, has been releasing artwork of his new title, The Last Story, for a while now; however this is the first time actual ingame footage has been released and I must say, for a Wii game it looks pretty fantastic. I also like that it looks much more archaic in a more typical fantasy way, rather than being borderline sci-fi like the recent entries into the Final Fantasy series.

News : Evangelion convenience store and Gundam cafe.

Yeah, Japan's always at it. Recently they've opened a Neon Genesis Evangelion convenience store, filled with potato chips, deodorant, manga and other assorted stuff that you'd normally find in a convenience store, branded with Evangelion artwork of course.

It doesn't stop there though, A while ago they opened up an official Gundam Cafe, with Gundam drinks, Gundam models and uh... Gundam coffee?

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Anime spotlight : Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou.

Akuto Sai is looking forward to his first day at a school of magical arts, with the dream of being a high-ranked priest, helping the world become a better place. All this takes a turn for the worse however, when a never-wrong magical aptitude test predicts that his future occupation will be that of a Demon Lord.

So begins Akuto's difficult school life, with girls chasing after him, wanting to kill him or use him. Sadly his conduct usually gets misinterpreted for that of evil and his inability to control his insane power ending up in large scale explosions doesn't help a lot either. It's not easy being a future demon lord.

News : Monster Hunter Tri Australian release!

Monster Hunter Tri hits the street this week in Australia, Wednesday to be exact. Pre-order the special edition which comes with the new Retro Classic Controller from EB for a free Wii-Speak (microphone that sits atop your sensor bar). EB have it listed as 99 RRP, but I'm sure you'll be able to price match somewhere cheaper like JB-Hifi when the time comes. Seriously, having this game inside it is the primary purpose of your Wii.

News : 3D DSi Ware game.

As you may or may not know, the next version of the DS is meant to be 3D, without use of 3D glasses. Which sounds pretty crazy, I know, I thought so too, until I saw this video of a DSi Ware title, coming out in Japan sooner or later. I mean the game looks stupid, but the way the 3D works is amazing.


Anime spotlight : Angel Beats.

Waking up to a girl with a sniper rifle about to shoot a younger girl claiming that she's an angel, Otonashi does the natural thing, telling the girl to stop and running down to warn the so called angel. Unfortunately for Otanashi, the young girl really isn't as she seems and proceeds to stab him through the chest killing him, it doesn't really matter though because you can't kill that which is already dead.

Waking up for a second time in a school room full of students, Otanashi is fed the hard facts by the sniper rifle girl, Yuri. First of all, he's dead and secondly, they're in some kind of purgatory that just happens to look like a school. Explaining that he has the choice of living here, resisting moving on to whatever awaits them after this place via fighting Angel, or acting like a normal student and slowly fading into whatever comes next. Otanashi doesn't like the idea of becoming a dung beatle in his next life, so he agrees to help Yuri and her resistance, not knowing whats in store.

News : Sengoku Basara heading to PS3/Wii.

The samurai anime famous for it's weird largely female following is coming to a PS3 or Wii near you this quarter. Loosely based on history to the same level that Ikki Tousen is (not very much), the story is about the wars of 16th century Japan but with more focus on a bunch of muscly guys swinging large weapons around. From description the game will playing like Dynasty warriors, where it's your overpowered character versus many small time npcs.


News : Doctor Who adventure games on the way.

This year, BBC are making an effort to bring Doctor Who to the land of video games, with 4 different titles coming as a free download to the land of PC's this year. The first one, titled "City of the Daleks", begins with the Doctor taking his companion Amy back to see the Beatles in 1963, obviously not everything goes according to plan and they find a city destroyed by the Daleks.

A reviewer stated that the game is a "combination of stealth action and Professor Layton-style logic puzzles" and "much more than a point and click affair." Charles Cecil is behind the games, co-founder of Revolution Software, the developer of famous adventure series Broken Sword.

Anyway, the games look interesting and are stated numerous times by PR to be "An extra four episodes this season". Experience them first hand starting on June 5th.


News : Pre-order Starcraft 2 at EB games for beta invite!

It's been confirmed that EB will be giving out beta invites for anyone who orders either the collectors or standard edition of Starcraft 2 from them as of April 28.


News : Read manga on your iphone for free?

A company has released a manga application for the iphone that allows access to all the unauthorized manga hosting sites. Allowing users to view online or download for later viewing. Some companies are already aiming for it's removal, due to it's obvious illegality.


News : Watch new Doctor Who online in Australia.

ABC in Australia have kindly decided to put all the episodes of the new Doctor Who (Series 5) on their new online streaming website iView. As for the new series, it's pretty good, the new Doctor is a bit younger, the script writing is similar, there's still some corney bits, some weird bits and some frightening bits. What is a bonus, is that the new companion is pretty hot, which is kind of weird now that I think about it, why havn't they ever had a hot girl before? Must not be that many in the UK! Anyway, you can check out the first episode of Doctor Who Series 5 here, titled The Eleventh Hour.

News : Farmville (probably) coming to your phone!

That's right, now you're friends will be able to send you dozens of gifts from farmville each day, straight from their phone to your facebook request page! This is based off information that domain names such as and have been found registered to an affiliated company. Zynga the company who owns the game was questioned and responded that "Zynga plans to expand to various mobile platforms. We cannot provide additional information at this time.” All of which I add together and construe to be a pretty strong "probably".


News : McDonalds Japan uses DSi training.

In what is a somewhat bizarre, yet typical kind of Japanese way, staff are now trained via DSi how to make burgers, clean their workplace and so on. You'd think the constant repetition of working at McDonalds would be enough, but obviously not. The video is an English news report, I notice the reporter, who's job it is to read off a piece of paper or prompter, somehow doesn't know how to say "NDS" or "DSi" conveniently, guess it's still not cool amongst the older generation to let anyone know that you know anything about gaming.


Preview : Black Rock Shooter.

Black Rock Shooter, named from a song by and involving Japan's infamous vocaloids (company mascots turned animated singers with computerized vocalization software) is an anime that quite a few people are looking forward to, but details seem to be rather scarce. The official Japanese site seems to be keeping the story under wraps, but it's pretty easy to make assumptions yourself from the trailer.

Here's the down-low for anyone looking for the technical information. Firstly it's a 50 minute movie, not a series, it will be airing free on the internet in Japan from June 25 to August 31 and will also come free on DVD as an extra with Japanese magazines.


Anime spotlight : Kamisama Kazoku.

Samatarou is an average high school student, but with a little secret, he's the son of God! He's living in the human world to learn about those he will be protecting, along with his guardian angel Tenko. Things are going rather smoothly for him, forgetting his nosey family with godly powers, untill Kumiko, a transfer student appears. Samatarou falls in love with her at first sight and dedicates himself to making her feel the same way, without using any of his powers. This is all much to the dismay of Tenko, who is finding that she has feelings for Samatarou and that not everything is as it seems.

News : First official Pokemon Black & White screens.

Pokemon Black and White have been announced for release later this year on the NDS, it's looking slightly more 3D than previous titles.


Bargain : Battlefield Bad Company 2 half price.

Pickup Battlefield Bad Company 2 for half price at any EB Games in Australia for the next four days (Thursday, April 15th till Sunday April 18th). That's $55 for 360/PS3 and $45 for PC!


News : Yu-Gi-Oh! Coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

Konami is bringing Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels to the Xbox Live Arcade next week, that's right, that show about monsters summoned from cards that you probably hated five or so years ago is now coming out on your 360. Featuring a full fledged story mode, versus mode for up to 4 people, voice chat and leader boards.


News : Final Fantasy XIV Alpha Leaks.

Supposedly Square Enix haven't heard of a non-disclosure statement, because testers of the next Final Fantasy MMO have been blabbing. A tester is posting his day-by-day experience, along with screen shots of the game on his blog, which you can access here.


News : Dragon Quest Monsters announced for Wii!

Everyone's favorite Pokemon clone, is now a Yu-Gi-Oh Clone! A port of the arcade game Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory was announced for the Nintendo Wii. Coming with a trading-card game tie in, allowing you to scan real life cards via a DSi application, which could be seen as good or bad depending on how much you like cards and just happen to have a DSi as well.


News : Strike Witches coming to XBOX 360.

The popular anime of military flying pants-less magical girls is on the way to the 360 in side scrolling shoot'em up form. Like most games from Japan of the genre, it's retailing for full price instead of being an arcade title, so even if it is region-free and we can import it, will you actually be willing to part with the cash? Anyway here are some screenies.


Anime spotlight : Eden of the East.

In the near future, a young man named Akira finds himself naked in front of the white house with a revolver and a cellphone loaded with 10 billion yen. It's later reveled that he has been chosen as one of twelve individuals known as Selecao to save Japan, which is having huge economic and sociological problems. Having the ability to purchase or arrange for nearly anything via a computer hooked up to their cellphones, these individuals have a choice, to save Japan or be erased. Whats worse is that some of the other individuals have differing mindsets, including those who believe that by killing large amounts of the population they can achieve their goal, It ends being left up to Akira to save Japan from the other Selecao.

Anime spotlight : Death Note.

A supernatural detective story, where a student named Light finds the notebook of a soul reaper, where writing anyone's name in it kills them. Deciding to bring it upon himself to clean up the world, he kills criminals and attempts to scare the populace into the view that doing anything evil or wrong will result in death and therefore creating a cleaner world. Not everyone agrees with this version of justice, declaring that the killer is nothing but a murderer, the worlds greatest detective codenamed 'L' steps in to hunt the killer down, leading to a battle of wits between the two.

Feature : World of Warcraft Manga.

With the release of a few more titles just around the bend, I thought it was time for an overview of the manga associated with the popular massively multiplayer game.

WoW's manga presence started with The Sunwell Trilogy, a three book series with a story involving a young woman, a blue dragon and the rebirth of the sunwell. The story from the manga tied into the end of the burning crusade expansion in WoW, with both characters from the manga appearing in game and playing a vital part in the last dungeon and raid instance in the game. The next trilogy which will continue on from there is titled The Dragons Of Outland, with the first manga Shadow Wing releasing soon, no doubt following the story of the nether dragons, the black dragonflights plans and what is going down with the leadership of the blue dragonflight.

The second series of manga titled Warcaft : Legends, which is five books in total, is a collection of short chapter-long stories in each book. A few of the stories feature a continuating in later issues, but most are self contained in their single issue.

The third and newest series, which is simply named after the class of which the main character of book is written about, currently contains two titles, Death Knight, which is already out and Mage which is soon to be released. It is yet to be seen if Blizzard will place these characters in-game and intertwine them into the cannon of the game as both titles are rather new.

If you're an avid player of the game and looking for a title to get started on, I would recommend the Sunwell Trilogy, as it relates more heavily to ingame events. If you've never really played WoW and are looking to read one of these manga to see what all the fuss is about, it's probably not worth it, the story isn't really what makes the game great, especially in these titles which focus on pretty minor events instead of major parts of the lore, which is a dissapointing undersight on Blizzard's behalf.