Anime spotlight : Kara no Kyokai.

In a modern age world, some who see enough of death, can perceive anyone's death, just by glimpsing at them, such is the case with Shiki, a young Japanese woman. Thrust into a world where the real and the supernatural collide, she is mixed up in murders, suicides and experiments of both worlds. Shiki is however not you're average heroine, claiming to be a murderer herself and having multiple personalities, it's hard to tell if she's friend or foe.

Anime spotlight : Gungrave.

As young thugs, best friends Harry and Brandon have a great time getting into fights and living with their friends, but all too soon things start taking sour turns and the two ending up seeking shelter in a giant mafia organization known as Millinnon. As time passes, the two are slowly driven apart by Harry's deep seated aspirations to be in charge of it all and Brandon's loyalty to the Millinnon organization, leading to a brutal betrayal and an all out war for revenge that stretches beyond the grave.

Feature : anime airing in Japan Q2 2010

Last seasons anime are starting to end, the better ones (Drrrr!) are still going. In the next quarters releases we see some terrible titles get another season, like K-On and Da Capo, as well as some interesting looking ova's like Black Rock Shooter and last but not least, the Ironman anime, which just reeks of fail, I'm assuming it's going to coincide with the release of the 2nd Hollywood movie.

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News : Supanova pop culture festival 2010!

So what is it?
Supanova, is the biggest Australian pop culture expo and is just around the corner in April for Brisbane and Melbourne, with Sydney and Melbourne later on in June. By pop culture, it means anime, manga, games, creepy guys and girls cosplaying and so forth. Normally there's tons of manga/clothes/weird Japanese items and games on sale, some authors/voice actors/real actors to listen to or get pictures with and last year there was also a few testing booths for unreleased games. If you're into any of that, it's probably worth your time, I mean... do you really have anything better to do? It's a once a year thing, it can't hurt you. If you want more information on speakers and actors you can check out the official site here.

Cost + Advice
The single day ticket price changes between $15-25 dollars depending on the venue. I advise buying your tickets online here, as last time in Brisbane I had to sit in an hour long que that stretched all the way around the block just to buy tickets. If you need to buy tickets at the door, you will need cash by the way, there was no eftpos ticket booth that I can remember last year. I strongly advise getting a decent amount of money out of an ATM before you get there, as there as many of the smaller vendors do not accept eftpos and the que for the single ATM machine inside the grounds is always long. Also if you don't like greasy food, bring your own, all that's ever there is a variety of pizza/chips/hotdogs and they're not exactly top quality either.

In Brisbane there's also cheapish paid car parking but the RNA showgrounds are pretty close to the valley's train station so if you don't mind sitting next to people dressed in cosplay, the train is probably the easiest and cheapest form of transportation.

They are also currently looking for volunteers, who work for half a day helping shuffle the crowds around and in compensation get a free pass, t-shirt and lunch. If interested you can apply here.

Dates + Locations
April 9-11 2010
RNA Showgrounds

April 16-18 2010
Royal Showgrounds


June 18-20 2010
The Dome, Olympic Park

June 25-27 2010
Claremont Showgrounds

Armed with my trusty phone camera this year, I'll try to get a fair few pictures from the one in Brisbane and post about it here. Hope you decide to check it out!