News : Doctor Who adventure games on the way.

This year, BBC are making an effort to bring Doctor Who to the land of video games, with 4 different titles coming as a free download to the land of PC's this year. The first one, titled "City of the Daleks", begins with the Doctor taking his companion Amy back to see the Beatles in 1963, obviously not everything goes according to plan and they find a city destroyed by the Daleks.

A reviewer stated that the game is a "combination of stealth action and Professor Layton-style logic puzzles" and "much more than a point and click affair." Charles Cecil is behind the games, co-founder of Revolution Software, the developer of famous adventure series Broken Sword.

Anyway, the games look interesting and are stated numerous times by PR to be "An extra four episodes this season". Experience them first hand starting on June 5th.


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